Finding the perfect outfit for your equine shoot depends on what makes you feel comfortable. If you dreamed of wearing a beautiful ball gown or simply jeans and a shirt, then you should do that.

Some things to think about before your session:

- Where will your session take place?

- What does the weather predict?

- Is this a holiday photo shoot or regular session?

- How does your horse feel about long fabric draped over him?

If you plan on wearing a dress in your session, there are a couple things to think about. Dresses are more difficult to wear when handling horses so make sure to have a friend or family member who is familiar with horses to help assist. As the photographer, my job is to capture the beauty in you with your dress and your horse. I will often need to help arrange your dress so it lays nicely or tell you to throw your dress in the air for some motion in the photograph. An assistant can help with most of these.

Casual wear is also preferred for more casual sessions. Don't forget to think about the weather and the season to finalize your outfit. If it's 98 degrees outside, you may want to consider wearing rolled jeans and a pretty tank, but if it's a fall session, feel free to choose sweaters, vests or scarves. Men look great in button down shirts with long sleeves or rolled up, sweaters, or their riding attire. And lastly, keep accessories to the minimum so we can focus on showcasing that bond you have with your horse.

The last thing to consider is what your horse will wear. Do you want him to wear his fancy halter, clean bridle, or not wear anything at all? Whatever you choose will also determine where we have the photo shoot. If you don't want your horse to wear anything, then we might choose to photograph them in a closed field, lunge ring, or riding ring. If you'd prefer to have them wear a halter or bridle, then before the photo shoot, make sure it fits properly and is "show ready" clean. The cleaner you and your horse are, the better the photos. But most importantly, try to have fun and wear something you can move in and enjoy wearing!