Quinceanera at Dominion Club, Richmond, VA

If you are wondering what a Quinceanera is, you've come to the right place. Today we have a special guest on the blog and she will discuss everything you need to know about the special coming-of-age event for young Hispanic women.

Olivia Limon is the owner of Limon Florals & Gifts, her floral business and Club Quince, her party planning business in Midlothian, VA. She has planned countless Quinceaneras and weddings around Richmond, VA and has also traveled to remote areas for her clients. Olivia loves her clients and goes above and beyond to help them with their special occation!

So, you're wondering what exactly is a Quinceanera? Starting from the very beginning to what it means today, Olivia gives us details about the cherished tradition.

The Quinceanera Tradition

Originally starting in the 1500’s by way of either Spain or the Aztecs, the Quinceanera tradition has been celebrated for hundreds of years and generations. Unlike the American Debutante that would come out to society for the sole purpose of being paired with a wealthy or prominent family which is a misconception that The Quinceanera celebration is the same thing. The Hispanic Quinceanera is celebrated at Fifteen in most Mexican, Central American, South American countries, Spain & America. The formal introduction of a young lady from childhood to womanhood is an honored tradition for any community as it is all important to be a part of her celebration. A Quinceanera celebration is almost always customarily financed by volunteers or Padrinos of almost everything she needs from her dress, food, venue and all things needed to make her celebration memorable. Although the reception and dance are important, a faith service is usually included before the reception. In earlier years it was usually a Catholic Mass but in more recent years, Baptist and Non-Denominational faiths are also common.

A Court is usually presented with her which consists of her close friends. Somewhat like bridesmaids. A court usually consists of either fourteen girls and fourteen boys and she makes fifteen with her honor escort or seven girls and seven boys and she makes fifteen with her honor escort. They perform a waltz as a group with the Quinceanera dancing with her father and then a special dance choreographed by the court or a dance instructor. Some have elaborate events while others choose a more modest one which are just as meaningful and beautiful. More modern takes would be a Quinceanera Cruise or some will just chose a car instead but most will chose a Quinceanera celebration.

The Quinceanera has Padrinos/Madrinas, Godfathers/Godmothers that serve serious and moral responsibilities in the guidance and if need be, stepping in as parents if the parents are not able to for one reason or another. These Godparents/Padrinos are chosen carefully by her parents or close family members and are bonded for the rest of her life.

These are the two main Padrinos:

Padrinos of Faith – Spiritual guidance and prayer life. Helping her hold on to her faith in God when life becomes overwhelming for her.

Padrinos of Baptism – Step in as her surrogate parents when any occasion may arise that the parents cannot.

The following are gifts that she receives and all have an important meaning.

The crown – To remind her at the end of this life God will reward her with the crown of life.

Pillow – To remind her in times of trouble, kneel and seek God’s guidance in prayer.

Ring – To remind her to practice abstinence and wait for marriage and together in God’s love unending.

Watch – To remind her how precious time is and be wise in the way you spend it.

Faith necklace- A cross or medallion to profess their faith in God.

Earrings – To remind her to listen to the word of God.

Bracelet- A reminder of the nature of God’s unceasing love.

Bible -The foundation of her faith.

Scepter- The reminder of her responsibilities as a woman.

The Quinceanera celebration is so much more than just a big party. It is the realization on her part that life comes with responsibilities to her family as well as to her community. No one goes or should go through life alone with all the ups and downs that a person or couple will endure in their lifetime and community is a big part of that. A Quinceanera celebration is the acceptance and affirmation that her family and friends will be there to help her along the way. Communities, that for hundreds of years have been a way of life, will live and build strong relationships till it is their turn to do the same with a new Quinceanera that will practice the same traditions and keep the same values of family, community and faith in God.

I hope this helps clear up some of the misconceptions or questions you might have about The Quinceanera, but feel free to contact Olivia or myself with any other questions. Her information is below!

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Quinceanera at Main Street Station, Richmond, Virginia
Quinceanera at Main Street Station, Richmond, Virginia