Amy and Jordan tied the knot in a beautiful Outer Banks Church. Our Lady of the Seas Catholic Church held their family and friends for their ceremony and there were lots of tears of happiness throughout the service. The newlyweds chose this unique location because they love the beach and traveling, so they wanted to make sure to go somewhere they didn't live.

Jordan and Amy started dating at the office, keeping it a secret from all their friends who worked with them. It took a while before anyone actually found out, and when they did some were very shocked by the news, but in a good way!

I have never met a nicer couple than these two. They were so sweet, kind, and truly love everyone they know. Both families joined in a fun reception with a photo booth from Happy Snappy Box, and lots of great music! After the party, the next morning Jordan, Amy and I woke up at the crack of dawn and took some fun and beautiful sunrise portraits to celebrate their first day of being married!