If you're worried about whether you will look natural in your engagement photos, you'll be pleasantly surprised to know that I will have you looking natural and authentic instead of stiff and uncomfortable. In all sessions I like to use prompts to get everyone comfortable and having fun. This photo is one of my favorites and shows the love between Dan and Megan. My prompt was really simple and after a bunch of laughs and giggles, I asked them to settle down and take a breath, then touch foreheads. They did such an amazing job and the photo turned out beautiful.

Dan and Megan, soon to be married in 2020

There are so many prompts a photographer can use from "give 'em a tickle" to "wobbly walking" and I find that clients have a lot more fun when they can laugh and play around. One of the most important things I think about when photographing couples or family, is to watch their reactions to certain prompts and not push them too hard into a certain "pose". Some clients don't feel comfortable being too romantic, while others want to keep touching their partner. This couple couldn't have done a better job at being photographed for their engagement session and went home feeling great about their session and their photos.

Prompts help me and the couple learn each other and enjoy getting pictures done. If you have any reservations about your photo session, you should contact your photographer to talk about them. Photography is supposed to be fun, so why not play a little bit!

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