Channing Bowles, Chester, Virginia

Headshots are the new "handshake" for social media. The first thing someone looks at is your picture, so it needs to be a good one. That photo you took at a friend's house with your tee shirt on backwards is not the best first impression to a potential new employer or to your potential clients. Let's dive deeper into how we style the perfect headshot!

There are three things we want to think about:





Depending on what occupation you have or are hoping to enter will determine how to dress for your headshots. Those entering the business field such as law, pastoral, or management will want to stay conservative in a suit or modest dress. Fields like teaching, sales, and medical are often a bit more modern and bright. And those with non-business type occupations can dress a little more casual. When thinking about how you want your headshot to look, focus on what occupation you are going into. This will ultimately help you decide.


This brings us to wardrobe and what exactly you should wear. Plan ahead and try on several outfits at home to make sure they properly fit and look good on you. Ask a friend or family member for help if you need it. This is no time to get shy!

For a more business look, opt for a full suit. If you don't want to wear a suit jacket then leave the tie at home and wear a button down shirt or sweater. Women can choose to wear a modest dress or blouse.

Jojo Guzman, Henrico, Virginia

Things to avoid:

Heavy prints or patterns

Sleeveless shirts or dresses

Short sleeved shirts

Low cut

Satin material

Things that work:

Solid colors

Long sleeves

Pressed clothing

Modest neckline

Blazers or suit jackets


Style plays a role in who you are and who you want others to see when looking at your photo. This goes along with how you style your hair, to the make up women choose, to the accessories you wear.

Simple, light accessories are great for headshots. Watches show employers that you are always interested in the time, which in turn make them think you might always be on time to work. Style comes down to how you want to feel.

Overall, make sure your clothes fit, are pressed and clean, and you come with a positive attitude ready to have your photo taken!

Kylie Hinson, Richmond, Virginia