Focus Friday: Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies

This week we are talking about Weddings again! But this time we are talking about the ceremony and if you should ask your guests not to use their cell phones. This is a controversial topic for most people because the bride usually wants perfect, picturesque photos, but the guests, specifically close family and friends want to capture that special day on their phone to keep forever.

Let’s be honest though, when you go to a wedding, do you actually go back through your phone and do something other than post those pictures on social media? Probably not. So having your phone out during someone else's ceremony is like going to the movies but not watching that movie.

There are some pros and cons to having an unplugged ceremony.

The Pros:

  1. Guests are actively attending your ceremony instead of watching it through their tiny screen

  2. When you walk down the aisle, you can actually smile at your guests.

  3. Cell phones don’t get in the way of professional photographers

  4. Guests won’t share photos on social media before you can announce your big day

The Cons:

  1. If no one uses their cell phone and you don’t have a professional photographer, then you don’t have ceremony pictures. It's always best to hire a photographer for your wedding so that you don't have to worry about whether or not you get nice pictures.

  2. I can’t actually think of any other cons to having an unplugged ceremony. LOL

Here are some other things to think about with the reception. Having guests use their cell phones to photograph themselves and others at your reception can be cool because you can make an album of all of those contributing photos and get some fun perspectives. Another thing you can do is create a hashtag for your wedding, so that if you have guests post on social media, they can use the hashtag and it makes it easier for you to see all the guest-taken photos.

I know this list isn't very long, but these are some valid points as to why you would want an unplugged ceremony. If you have any other ideas why it would be bad to have an unplugged ceremony, please let me know!!