This week we are going to talk about cell phones and use them for your personal photography. I love using my cell phone to capture candid photos of my horse or family. Most of us have smartphones and the cameras on those phones have been upgraded to fully functional cameras and have amazing photos. I have five tips for you to make your cell phone photography better!

1. Find the right spots

Location, location, location. Photography is not just pressing a button, it’s a lot more than that. There’s location to think about. Find a spot that is unique and has some interesting landscape like mountains, brick buildings, or florals. If you don’t have an interesting location, just find a spot that’s simple with either trees or plants, bridges, or buildings. Brick or concrete walls look great in photographs and there are lots of poses you can do in front of them.

2. Check your lighting

In midday when the sun is at its highest, is often the hardest to get good lighting. The light tends to be harsh and creates deep shadows in places they shouldn’t. Something to think about when photographing in sunlight is to pose with the sun to the side, so one side of your face is in the sun and the other in the shade. You can also fine a shady spot to photograph in as well, that would eliminate any shadows.

3. Bring out your inner artist

You can also play around with light, using objects to create fun shadows. A set of open stairs can create lines on your subject or simply using leaves. Photograph your subject in full sun to get some interesting shapes.

4. Change up your poses

Don’t just stand there! Change it up, lean back on one of your legs with the other extended. Give a little barbie toe with your knee bent. Play with your hair. Look off into the distance. Lean forward and have someone shoot from below. Put your hands on your hips or hold a prop.

5. Use a prop

That brings me to this point, use a prop. Try a floppy hat in the summer or a warm coffee in the winter. Props don’t have to be something you specifically bring with you, it can be something you’re already wearing. You might take off your sandals if you’re on the beach and hold them while looking at the sunset. Try holding onto your scarf or vest, or hold a drink. Drinks or bags make great poses.