Focus Friday: Rainy Day Solutions

RAIN can make sessions challenging when you can’t reschedule. Here are some things to think about when scheduling your session. All the photos in this post are in less than ideal weather conditions. It was either raining or freezing or foggy.

What I’m focusing on:

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Here are four points that I think are important with not so perfect weather!

1. Cloudy, overcast days are actually great for photographers and photographs. During a cloudy session, those clouds help filter the sunlight to erase unwanted shadows and let the photographer create anything they want. Clouds can also help create beautiful definition to the sky so you aren’t seeing a plain blue canvas.

2. Light rain won’t harm our gear or make anyone melt, unless you are the Wicked Witch of the West. Sometimes rain can help create a more romantic feel for couples or let us use fun props like blankets or umbrellas. And there are almost always dry times that we can use during your session.

3. Location, location, location… Photography can be done anywhere, in a clean home, in a greenhouse, a country club, a covered bridge, or a barn. There are so many options we can use for a rainy day session.

4. Last but not least, have fun! Whether it be kissing your significant other in the pouring rain to get that perfect romantic photo, or utilizing your favorite indoor location for dramatic scenes, just try to make the best out of it, and remember, your photographer will know what to do in cases of yucky weather.