Focus Friday: Location, Location, Location

Focus Friday: Location, Location, Location

Opps, it's Saturday, not Friday. Oh well… This week we will talk all things locations! There are lots of locations around Richmond and Chesterfield and I have listed my top spots for each season!

Fall: There are so many beautiful spots to photograph in the fall because of the colors changing. Some of my favorite spots were taken in the fall. I've had my sister photograph me at my barn in a large field. The tall yellow grass make for a bohemian, care free feel. I also love to go to Maymont Park in the fall because the colored leaves create such a beautiful backdrop. I'll even go one step further and say the best time to take pictures is the end of October or early November.

Winter: When it's freezing outside and you still want some beautiful photos, the best way to get those done is to use an indoor location. I've photographed inside the Dominion Club in Glen Allen and those photographs turned out beautifully. You can also use your home and do some photos around a Christmas Tree or bake some cookies with small children.

Spring: Springtime is when everything starts to bloom again, the birds start chirping and everyone is a bit more cheerful, besides having to deal with dreaded allergies. I've already suggested this location but I absolutely love Maymont in the springtime. There are too many locations within Maymont to count, but the Italian gardens are in full bloom with bright vibrant colors and really creates a dreamy look. This location is great for engagement sessions, Seniors, and individual portraits.

Summer: Summertime is my favorite! I love the heat, the sunshine, and the longer days. One of the best things about summer are the beach photo shoots! I recently went to the beach to photograph some beautiful ladies and the sunrise made for a one of a kind experience. If you want to stay in Richmond, you can always opt for a lake, on a boat, or the James River, or even go to Belle Isle.

There are tons of locations to use for every season. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know if the comments!

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