Focus Friday: Fall Pumpkin Craft

Focus Friday: Fall Pumpkin Craft

Today we are making a craft! It’s the beginning of the holiday season and with COVID-19 it may be difficult to buy expensive decorations, so this is a perfect craft to decorate your house.

1. Pick out your toilet paper

2. Pick out your fabric 18x18

3. Pick the stem (cinnamon stick, outside branch)

4. Assemble

5. Decorate and enjoy

Step 1: Pick out your favorite roll of toilet paper, I used a roll from Costco because those are thick and make great pumpkins. Next you will unroll some of the paper and loosely twist it back around the roll to make it more round.

Step 2: Pick out your favorite fabric. For this one I used a Halloween print, and I have one for Thanksgiving with cartoon turkeys on it. With your fabric, depending on the size of your toilet paper, you can choose a 12x12 or 18x18 or any size in between.

Step 3: Assembling your Pumpkin. Place your plump toilet paper in the middle of your faced-down fabric and stuff the ends of the fabric into the middle of the roll.

Step 4: Take your stick or cinnamon stick and tie any kind of ribbon around it and stuff it in the middle of the roll. And that's it!! I keep these in my bathroom which is ironic because people don't realize that's it's actually toilet paper! I would love to see your pumpkins when you've finished them.

What craft or subject would you like to see next?

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