So you've just been invited to a wedding and have sent in your RSVP. There are two things on your mind, what to gift the couple and what to wear for the event. There are a few things to take into consideration, the location, the seasons, and the time of the event. It's always best to follow any attire guidelines given with the invitation, but if there isn't any then here are five tips to help you find the perfect look for your event.


First and foremost, the time of the wedding will tell you how to dress. If it's an evening wedding, then it usually requires formal attire, but if the wedding is during the day you can dress more casually. Day time weddings are great for bright colors, but avoid white as that color is dedicated for the bride.


Check your invite again for where the wedding and reception will be held. If you're going to an outdoor wedding, be sure to look for appropriate shoes and even consider a pant suit or romper. If the wedding is indoors, that's great news for the weather, but don't forget a light jacket for cool air.


This is a tough one because people get married in all seasons and types of weather. It's even considered good luck if it rains on a couple's wedding day! A cute clear umbrella or a fashionable raincoat will help save the day. Choose sensible shoes such as boots or closed toe flats in case it rains.


I'm all for a cute pair of flats and a light sweater. Even in the summer, I like to have a sweater with me in case there's a cool breeze. For weddings, you want to feel your best but also look great. Choose well fitting clothes and something you can move in so you can get on the dance floor and have some fun! Be sure not to wear white or cream colors as those are reserved for the bride. Look for something fun that accentuates your figure and you'll look great!


Last but not least let's talk about accessories. Purses, jewelry, hair pins, and scarves. Dressing up with fancy jewelry can be fun, but there are plenty of times when those long beautiful necklaces or elaborate rings get caught in other people's hair or clothes. Choose classy pieces that match and compliment your outfit.

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