Photographers work with professional make up artists all the time, so I thought it would be so helpful for my clients and future clients to hear from a Richmond professional! Jojo is a wonderful friend of mine, and we have worked on so many different photo shoots together. I have photographed her, and she has applied make up on me! We wanted to pair up one more time in giving you FIVE reasons why you should hire a professional make up artist! You can find out more about Jojo on her website. You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Here are five reasons to hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding, event or photo shoot.

Richmond, Virginia Make Up Artist
The Fabulous Jojo

Back when I started as a makeup artist in 2008, it seemed like doing makeup was more of a hobby and fun rather than a life skill. It was incredibly gratifying though to have people come up to me, a 20-year old college student, complimenting me on my skills and asking me for advice on how to enhance their beauty. Since then the beauty industry has blown up into a multi-million dollar industry thanks to the power of social media outlets like YouTube and Instagram. Being an “influencer” wasn’t really that heard of 13 years ago, but thanks to these outlets everyone had the ability to learn how to find the right foundation or how to do a smokey eye. We now see so many women with their ring lights showing off their new found skill and looks online. So at this point why hire a makeup artist for your photoshoot or for a wedding? I’ll give you five pretty big reasons why.

Number 1 - Following a trendy look may not result in the best look for a professional photo.

For so many years everyone has been loving a cut crease eye look. The cut crease uses a lighter shade of eyeshadow and shows a line or “cut” across the middle of your eyelid where your crease is. This look is creative, many are very colorful, and can really show off the skill of blending colors. You will also find, however, a cut crease isn’t complementary on everyone’s eyes. I take my own as an example. I have very hooded eyes and although I can create a pretty sweet looking cut crease blended to perfection- these looks are not complementary to my eye shape.

In a professional photograph my cut crease look may simply look like a solid color placed across my entire eyelid. For many when you want to share photos of your wedding day, professional headshot, photoshoot emphasizing anything other than makeup you generally want to focus on enhancing your natural beauty. Following trendy looks may not provide that type of look. Professional makeup artists are trained in color theory and different eye shapes to figure out what eye shadow styles, colors, and placement best fits your eyes for a beautiful natural enhancement.

Number 2 - Foundation Matches

Most professional makeup artists will have a large kit filled with different foundation formulas, a variety of skincare products to prep the skin, and skin products in an array of colors galore! A “product junkie” may have a similar kit of their own just for themselves, but most people do not invest up to thousands of dollars to achieve flawless skin in photos. My kit has foundations providing matte finishes, satin finishes, heavier coverage, and lighter coverage. I mix colors to perfectly match skin tones.

Number 3 - Don’t normally wear makeup? Thinking about foregoing makeup all together?

Remember that your photographer is using going to be using a pretty nice DSLR type camera that will definitely enhance everything they shoot- all the beautiful colors of greenery at your venue- provide a beautiful white on columns- and it will also enhance anything on your pretty face (redness, natural texture, bumps, etc). This is why my favorite type of makeup for wedding is one that will naturally enhance your beauty. Even though it may be heavier to you than what you would normally wear the results will photograph beautifully. Keep in mind that not all photographers will be willing to edit every little blemish and some may charge extra for specific editing.

Number 4 - Your bridal party will appreciate it!

Remember your bridal party will be photographed too. If you picked the crew that is always there for you they will likely deal with some wedding stress just by trying to make sure you’re happy. Ease everyone’s minds and consider it like a spa day for you and your besties. You also want to make sure that your bridal party is photo ready and that all looks are cohesive but still making sure you (the bride) are the star of the show. You will also want to have a makeup artist who has products for everyone’s skin type, skin tone, and that will last throughout the day and into the night! Your professional MUA should make sure that each person is comfortable with the look being done as well.

Number 5 - Stress Free Preparation for you and your party!

There is so much to remember for the day of. I remember having a wedding planner on my wedding day and I still felt a lot of stress making sure things were being done on time and to make sure my guests were happy. The last thing a bride needs is to worry about things like: Will my lashes last the entire time? Will my foundation start creasing or melting off because its so warm/humid/rainy outside? How long will it take my friend to do everyone’s makeup and will they finish on time?

This is why it's important to hire a professional! Enjoy some of Jojo's work and feel free to comment some reasons why you decided to hire a professional make up artist for your session or event!

Graduation Portraits at Maymont Park in Richmond, Virginia

Quinceanera at Libby Hill in Richmond, Virginia

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